Representative Grants

Support for “Music Kitchen – Food for the Soul” offering chamber music performances by professional musicians to homeless shelters in New York City.

Support for living, travel, and project expenses to establish a program of theater training and performance for primary and high school students from the Cross Roads Township in Capetown, South Africa, to foster self-confidence and develop feelings of self-worth in the impoverished youth in that community.

Support for project expenses in developing a community-based theater project about local agriculture, farming, and small family farms in Maine, through collaboration among dramatic artists and farm employees.

Support for living and project expenses to develop a pilot project of community reconciliation for the diverse residents of West Oakland, California.

Support to establish a medical office to provide free or low-cost medical services to destitute residents of Rockland County, New York.

Support for equipment expenses for interviewing former Trümmerfauen in Berlin, women who cleared rubble after World War II, as part of the creation of a multi-media visual art installation that documents their stories.

Support for project, travel, and living expenses for bringing Rwandan students to the United States on an exchange program to develop their English skills and leadership abilities, and to introduce them to new definitions of community.

Support for project expenses to create an arts education program in the economically depressed neighborhood of West Savannah, Georgia.

Support for living, travel, and education expenses working with Partners In Health in Rwanda to evaluate the sustainability and effectiveness of their training of community health workers.

Support for project expenses while collaborating in the design and fabrication of a model water-powered house on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok.

Support for honoraria for musicians to bring classical chamber music concerts to homeless shelters in Boston.

Support for relief workers to aid victims of the earthquake in Haiti.