How To Apply

If you believe that your project falls within the scope of the Trust, please submit a preliminary request using the online application. Please read the instructions on the attached document. You will see information about registering for the online application and when asked for the name of your organization,  please enter your first and last name.

This preliminary proposal is your communication to the trustees of what you want to do, why you believe your proposal is consistent with the ELCT’s criteria, as described in the General Application Guidelines, why you want to do it, and when. Please include, succinctly, all pertinent information, stating clearly your aims and aspirations, the amount of your request, and how the funds will be spent. You will be asked for the following information on preliminary proposal:

  • Description of the project: what you want to do, why, what you hope to accomplish, why it is significant at this particular time in your life, and what are the benefits for others. When you will be undertaking the project.
  • Why your proposal falls within the ELCT’s criteria.
  • Amount of funds requested: your budget must declare and justify the amount of the grant you are requesting. Give us an honest, realistic, and detailed account of exactly how the funds will be spent, and on what schedule. Include other sources of funding on your budget sheet. Bear in mind that the Trust does not give grants for salaries or salary replacement. (Because Federal tax law treats grants paid to individuals as taxable income, the Ella Lyman Trust is required to report the amount of the grant paid to you to the Internal Revenue Service on a Form 1099 in January of the following year and a copy will be sent to you.)
  • Your qualifications: this should be a formal curriculum vitae, and an explanation of what the project means to you and why you are particularly capable of carrying it out successfully – i.e., skills, talents, training you bring to the task.

Time Schedule
The trustees meet every six months and grants are usually voted in May and December. The approximate deadlines for completed formal applications are, respectively, April 1 and November 1. The preliminary proposal must be received well before those dates – generally by early March and early October.   If a proposal is received too late for consideration at a particular meeting, it may, if you request, be carried over to the next one. If the trustees are interested in your project based on your preliminary application, you will be asked to submit a formal application, using our online application. Details on the formal application form will be sent to you directly if your preliminary application interests the trustees. You will be asked for three letters of reference, a formal budget and some other additional information.

Please direct questions to

Michelle Jenney
The Ella Lyman Cabot Trust
c/o GMA Foundations
2 Liberty Square, Suite 500
Boston, MA 02109
mjenney @ (email contact preferred)