Frequently Asked Questions

My project is my own initiative but I will be working closely with an organization, would the Trust consider my application?

If the applicant is a key individual, the fact that a proposal involves a group endeavor is not an automatic disqualifier.

Would the Trust consider making a grant so that I could attend a seminar in a field different from my own but one that would enable me to help others?

The Trust does not support internships, vocational and/or career exploration.

Would the Trust grant funds to make up my salary if I took an unpaid leave from my job to pursue an endeavor that I am greatly interested in pursuing but I still need to pay my rent?

The Trust would cover a portion of your living expenses (itemized) if the project fits our criteria, but the Trust does not fund salary replacement.

Does the Trust restrict grants to U.S. citizens?


If my preliminary proposal was not accepted, may I submit a request at another time?

Only if you have made substantive changes to your proposal or have a different project that is aligned with our guidelines.  Feel free to call the administrator for guidance before submitting another preliminary application.

Would my grant be reported as income to the IRS?

Yes. Grantees are encouraged to consult with their tax advisor about the income they receive as a grant.

What is the timeline for submission of proposals?

Applicants must first submit a preliminary proposal. A review committee decides which preliminary proposals  fit the guidelines and appear to be aligned with our mission. Those applicants will be asked to submit a more formal application. If your proposal makes it to the second round, early April is the usual deadline for submission of the formal application for consideration at the May meeting of the trustees. Early November is the deadline for the submission of application to be considered at the December meeting. Notification of a grant or denial is mid May and/or early December. The timeline is determined by the number of proposals received. If a preliminary proposal does not meet our guidelines, applicants are informed as soon as possible after submission of their proposals.